12v SOLAR FAN setup for your rabbits! HOW TO GUIDE


Hey Ya’ll,

A friend of mine Colin Keevil has taken the time to show a how to DIY video for his solar fan setup he’s put on this rabbit cages. This is a cool setup as it costs NOTHING to run, if the sun is out, its only. When the sun goes down at night, it shuts off. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Colin takes us through the process of showing the types of fan, connectors and tools required to do the project.

Colin has a YouTube Channel called Stand Sure Homesteading where he offers up tons of great informational how to’s, why’s and just general updates to his homestead. He’s a great , knowledgeable stand up guy that has an interest in sharing his thoughts and ideas.

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Below you’ll find a list of items used as well as a few links.

Supplies : See link below

Save even more by getting your fans on ebay : Set of 3 fans for $9.9 FREE SHIPPING

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