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Only 2 days old! These buff orptingons chicks are like big brother, little sister!

Both of these guys are only 2 days old! Talk about big brother, little sister!  


Some of our meat rabbits enjoying this weather with their momma. These are New Zealand / California crosses. These guys provide a very tender white meat. Rabbits have more protein and less fat per ounce than chicken. Literally one of the healthiest meats you could consume.

Woke up to chirps!

Well, I woke up to chirps this morning and found about half the eggs had hatched. These are some go getters. I went with a little lower humidity this time, around 55-60%. The rest of the eggs should hatch today throughout the night. So far we have some Buff's, Silkies, and what looks to be a tiny tiny little...

Adopted Mama’s..

Absolutely awesome pic that my wife Laura took of our 2 adoptive silkie mommas. These two are constantly going "broody" as they say, or wanting to become mommas. That makes it VERY convienent to hatch our own eggs using the incubator and give the hens the chicks. They instantly take over, becoming amazing mothers to the chicks.  

Successfully made strawberry jam!

Well, after stumbling upon a sale for strawberries, (1$pint) we grabbed up a bunch and made several jars of jam. Talk about delicious. It was a first and a success. Michael help mash strawberries while I did the cooking!   Here's the recipe I used. Note that I did make more than what the recipe suggests :) YOU WILL NEED: 5 cups...

New chicks on the way!

We are about 3 days away from hatching another 42 chicks here at BamaHomestead. We have a mix of silkies, black polish top hats, buff orpingtons and a red cinnamon mutt, as I like to call them. We try to keep a continuous cycle of chickens hatching both to sell and supply our family with meat.   As you can see,...

What Types of Fish Are Used In Aquaponics Gardens?

The future of growing food and an important tool in the battle against world hunger, aquaponics gardening is the ultimate form of recycling. It makes the most use of a small space, and is the most sustainable form of gardening currently available. What is Aquaponic Gardening? The art of growing fish and cultivating a garden, auqaponic gardening is simply the wave...

Canning 101

Learn about hot bathing, old-fashioned pressure canning and even the NEW way to pressure can as Tim and Nicki share some canning secrets and tips. Green Tomatoes, Strawberry Jam, Zucchini Pickles, Pickled Green Beans with Lois, Cabbage and Green Beans.

Aquaponics Kale Growing Out of Control

I started out shooting just the Kale but got a little side tracked, please enjoy.

10 Organic Gardening Tips

1. Test your soil: If you are looking to have a successful outcome with an organic vegetable garden, you should first test your soil with a do-it-yourself home testing kit before you plant anything. These testing kits can be found at local garden centers and on the Internet at garden specialty stores. The kits use a number scale, 0 to...